Tonight we are down a Tam and also down having a constructed list of topics to go from.  The only roll forward topic left on the list is decidedly a “Tam” topic so we end up more or less winging it.  There is a decidedly Pax East flair to the show given that a number of topics we discussed circle things announced at or going on during Pax.  However none of the crew actually attended this year. Related to this we talk about The Outer Worlds, Magic the Gathering Mythic Invitational, Wolfenstein Youngblood Trailer, Borderlands 3 Trailer.  There is a brief interlude about returning to Final Fantasy XIV which Grace has done this week, and another oddball topic as Bel discusses getting Cemu the Wii U Emulator up and running and playing Breath of the Wild rendered in native 4k.

Topics Discussed

  • Pax East
    • The Outer Worlds Gameplay Stream
      • Questions about it actually releasing in 2019
    • Magic the Gathering
      • Mythic Invitational
      • Current State of Standard
      • War of the Spark Rumors
    • Wolfenstein Youngblood Trailer
      • Juxtaposition of Teens and Ultra-Violence
    • Borderlands 3 Trailer
      • Weird reveal live stream
      • Can Borderlands happen with none of the original writers?
      • Lessons learned from Pre-Sequel
      • Appearance of Tell Tale Characters
    • Cemu - Wii U Emulator
      • The Breath of the Wild Emulator
      • Rendered in Native 4k
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