Tonight signals the triumphant return of Doctor Grace!  I cannot adequately express how happy we are to have her back among our number.  As far as topics go… we once again punt forward the only topic that we had planned and replace them with a few discussions gathered up moments before we started recording.  Tonight we talk about Anthem and get Grace’s impressions so far… as well as dig into some of the frustrations around high end loot and weird item scaling. Thalen tells us how to learn to love Eureka in Final Fantasy XIV and get past the fact that it is so grindy.  Finally we wrap things up with a discussion about the Super Mario World Rom Hack scene and the differences between Vanilla and Chocolate.

Topics Discussed

  • The Return of Doctor Grace
  • Anthem
    • Grace and Thalen Impressions
    • High End Loot Woes
    • Item Scaling Weirdness
  • Final Fantasy XIV
    • Eureka Grinding
    • Relic Weapons
  • Super Mario World
    • Rom Hacks
    • Kaizo Mario
    • Terminus
    • Assembly Editing
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