Tonight we start the show with a heartfelt congratulations for our very own now Doctor Grace, for passing the gauntlet and defending her thesis.  While I am certain we will revisit this point when she officially returns to the show, we thought it was worth noting tonight. After derailing completely on a discussion about the origin of the Garter snake…  we dive into Pokemon Scotland aka Sword and Shield and the little bit of information we know about it at this point. From there Bel talks a bit about the Magic the Gathering Deck Builder's Toolkit league that he is starting at work and why he went down that path.  Kodra breaks off from this into a discussion about the game Gruff, which leads to further talk about how balanced asymmetrical play is really hard to design.

We then dig into some of the large patches that happened this past week… namely Anthem that occured mere hours before recording the show and Warframe that occurred earlier in the week.  Bel and Tam talk a bit about their impressions so far about the tweaks made that make the characters feel significantly more powerful in Anthem. The rest of the crew that plays Warframe… which is basically everyone but Bel…  dive into a discussion about the changes that were made to the melee combat system and some of the things that are soon to come as well.

Topics Discussed

  • Doctor Grace
  • Garter Snakes
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield
    • Pokemon Scotland
  • Work Magic League
    • Deckbuilders Toolkit
  • Gruff
  • Difficulties of Asymmetrical Gameplay
  • Anthem Patch
  • Warframe Patch
    • Melee Combat Changes
    • Hildryn Frame
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