Tonight we have a blend of new topics and bumped topics starting with discussion of recent plays of Chicory, and how the musical soundtrack is phenomenal.  Ash talks a bit about how maybe there are games with too much complexity…  more specifically Xenoblade 2.  From there Kodra talks about his first major VR game experience with Psychonauts Rhombus of Ruin.  We contemplate what the heck a Disco Elysium TV Show might look like.  Tam talks about his experiences with the latest Total Warhammer game.  Finally we finish the show with a long discussion about Elden Ring and how maybe most of the game reviews are a little biased.

Topics Discussed

  • Chicory is Great
  • Xenoblade 2
  • Psychonauts Rhombus of Ruin
  • Disco Elysium TV Show
  • Total Warhammer III
  • Elden Ring
    • Problems with Game Reviews
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Tonight we talk about how constructed Kamigawa is a challenge and how effectively there are only so many viable decks that you can build.  From there we talk about Vampire Saviors a game that Bel griefed Ashgar with and he has been playing at length.  Grace discovers Chronicon, a game that we would consider the perfect diablo clone…  if it had reasonable graphics.  Finally we dive into a long discussion about our earlier feelings about Horizon Forbidden West, a game that has in large part consumed most of the cast since its release on Friday.  There is a weird diatribe about dpads and the importance of a good one as well as a quick blurb about how Psychonauts does not maybe hold up as well from a representation of mental health aspect.

Topics Discussed

  • Kamigawa is Hard
  • Vampire Saviors
  • Chronicon
  • Horizon Forbidden West
    • Initial Thoughts
  • Diatribe about DPads
  • Psychonauts Holds up Less Well
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We start off with a quick update on Elden Ring and how From Software is working on fixing the exploit prior to launch.  From there we spent quite a bit of time talking about the Nintendo Direct that happened last week and the interesting and wildly unexpected things that came out of it.  We talk a bit about the Lost Ark launch and how only one of us is actually playing it.  From there we talk some more about Control and how Grace has beat the main campaign now and Tam is working his way through it.  Bel talks about his fixation on Remedy games and playing Alan Wake and Quantum break.  Kodra talks about replaying Psychonauts 1 in order to prepare for the sequel.  Finally we dive into a topic about how games can make it a net positive to see other players in the open world.

Topics Discussed

  • Updates about Elden Ring
  • Nintendo Direct News
  • Lost Ark Launch
  • Control
  • Quantum Break
  • Bouncing off Prey 2017
  • Psychonauts 1
  • In Game Events
    • How to make seeing other players a good thing
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One of the things about AggroChat is we very often rarely get into a game when it is new, which leads to us putting several titles on our games of the year list that are several years old.  This week Belghast finally got around to playing Control and is now trying to hook everyone else on it.  From there we talk a bit about the cyberpunk state of Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons and how Cantha is now a high tech kingdom.  Keeping the cyberpunk theme going we talk about Kamigawa Neon Dynasty.  Ash talks a bit about Trials of Mana and their New Game Plus system that allows you to easily see how the OTHER party would have finished the game.  From here we roll into a discussion about the most recent controversy going on with Star Citizen.  Then we wrap things up with a few quick topics like how Elden Ring might have a serious security vulnerability.  Then Kodra talks for a bit about Kaizo Mario and how maybe things aren’t as difficult as folks seem to think they are. Topics Discussed
  • Control
  • Jade Cyberpunk Cantha
  • Neon Cyberpunk Kamigawa
  • Trials of Mana New Game Plus
  • Transparency in Game Dev
    • Aka Star Citizen Recent Controversy
  • Elden Ring potential exploits
  • Celeste.smc and Kaizo Mario
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