Tonight we have a show made up in part of some roll over topics.  The first of these is World Next Door an action puzzler which leads to general discussion about action puzzle games and the challenges with them.  From there we talk about Wizards Unite and some of the problems with it. Continuing on we take brief stops at Vermintide and Mario Maker 2 on our way to some Shadowbringers discussion.  We make an attempt to do some spoiler free commentary about the Final Fantasy XIV expansion so far.


Topics Discussed:

  • World Next Door
  • Action Puzzle Games in General
  • Ludonarrative Dissonance of Puzzle Games
  • Wizards Unite
    • Magic the Pokemon-Go-Ing?
    • Issues with Gameplay
    • Harry Potter Narrative Feels Forced
  • Vermintide
    • Fantasy Left 4 Dead
    • Playing with Friends
    • Interesting Character Interactions
  • Mario Maker 2
    • Consuming Puzzle Levels
    • Changes Since Version 1
  • Shadowbringers - Spoiler Free
    • The Light is Not Our Friend
    • Class Mechanic Changes
    • FFXIV does Outland
    • Dancer
    • Gunblade
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Tonight we have a few new things to discuss and a few topics that bumped from last week.  However first off we talk about Four Job Fiesta the charity event where you run Final Fantasy V with a randomly assigned set of jobs.  Next up we talk about the sheer blasphemy that is how well the Games Workshop Contrast paints work. From there we go into how damned good Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is and how it is exactly the game we wanted it to be.  Kodra geeks out about the Silksong Nintendo Treehouse demo and who much he is looking forward to that game. Tam talks about his recent run through of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition on Tablet, and we end the show with some talk about SGDQ or Summer Games Done Quick starting on Sunday.

Topics Discussed:

  • Four Job Fiesta 2019
    • Tweet Ash your Victories!
  • Painting is Magic
    • Games Workshop Contrast Paints
  • Bloodstained is Out!
    • Exceeds Our Hopes and Dreams
  • Silksong Treehouse Demo
    • Mixing up the gameplay
  • Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition
    • Nostalgia about Baldur’s Gate
    • Go For the Eyes Boo
  • Summer Games Done Quick
    • Starting Sunday 23rd
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Tonight we actually record episode 256 and we believe the first time have all seven active members of the show on at the same time.  We start the show with a bumped topic about Lapis X Labyrinth and then dive into a lengthy stream of consciousness ramble about the various things we saw from E3.  As a result we talk about over thirty games… during which I probably lost count of a few in my running list.


Topics Discussed

  • Lapis X Labyrinth
  • What Makes Games Fun
  • E3 Smorgasbord
    • PSO2 Westernization
    • Commander Keen
    • Elder Scrolls Blades
    • Square the Dark Horse Show
    • FF7
    • Romancing SaGa 3
    • Seiken Densetsu 3
    • Trials of Mana
    • Panzer Dragoon
    • Link's Awakening Remaster
    • Watchdogs Legion
    • Roller Champions
    • Fallout 76 NPCs and Battle Royale
    • Ikumi Nakamura Won E3
    • Spirifarer
    • Way to the Woods
    • VTM Bloodlines 2
    • Age of Wonders Planetfall
    • Empire of Sin
    • Contra Rogue Corps
    • Animal Crossing New Horizons
    • Marvel Avengers
    • Breath of the Wild Sequel
    • Cadence of Hyrule
    • Elden Ring
    • Nintendo Against Crunch
    • Brawlhalla
    • Fall Guys
    • Psychonauts 2
    • Double Fine bought by Microsoft
    • Circuit Superstars
    • Dragon Quest Builders 2
    • Deathloop
    • Battletoads
    • Wasteland 3
    • Orion Streaming Tech
    • Tam Mourns Stealth Games
    • New Consoles New Games
    • Holiday 2020 Going to be Big
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Tonight I completely butcher the intro because my co-hosts decided to get clever with it.  Tonight we talk about a lot of stuff that is coming out ahead of E3… which in truth is the only time that matters given that the only people who care about the actual show are the ones attending in person.  We talk about the Google Stadia presser and Destiny 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3 news that came out of it. We talk about the only thing from EA that matters… the progressively less vaporware Jedi Fallen Order. We talk the weird case of the Magic the Gathering Animated Series and then on to Pokemon Goodest Boy Edition.  Lastly a brief topic about how Ubisoft is dumb.

Topics Discussed:

  • Google Stadia
    • Netflix for Games
    • Xbox Cloud
  • Destiny 2
    • Season of Opulence
    • Free to Play and Cross Save
  • Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Jedi Fallen Order
  • Magic the Gathering
    • Netflix Animated Series
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield
    • Good Boy Edition
  • Ubisoft is Dumb
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We start the show off with an explanation of what exactly happened to the end of Episode 253 and why Tam had to build a brand new server for us to record on.  From there we dig into the Shadowbringers class design tweaks and how they tend to land on the side of making things less janky and more accessible to players.  Bel also has another revelation that the expansion is right around the corner. Bel talks briefly about the weird decisions Nintendo is making surrounding Super Mario Maker 2 and stopping us from playing with our friends.  This is a continued version of a long topic that is Nintendo Still Does Not Understand the Internet. They do however understand product promotion which is part of a whole discussion about the fact that E3 is starting next week.  Lastly we wrap up with a discussion about Modern Horizons and how Magic seems to be making some really interesting decisions that are paying off for them.

Topics Discussed

  • What Happened to 253
    • Building a New Server
  • Shadowbringers Class Design
    • Removing Fiddly Bits
    • More Accessible Class Design
  • Nintendo Doesn’t Understand the Internet
    • Super Mario Maker 2 Shunning Play with Friends
  • E3 Discussion
    • Does the Show Event Need to Exist?
    • Nintendo Seems to have nailed promotional cadence
  • Modern Horizons
    • Interesting Decisions MTG has Made Lately


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