Featuring: AmmosArt, Ashgar, Belghast, Kodra, Tamrielo, and Thalen


Since this episode will be coming out on Easter, Happy Easter to all who celebrate.  Last night we talked about Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs for that more approachable Gloomhaven experience. We took a trip over to the Switch and discussed Mario vs Donkey Kong and Princess Peach Showtime.  Bel talks a bit about his experiences with World of Warcraft Plunderstorm. Then we dive into a discussion about the Hugo Award Nominees and how hopefully 2024 will be a more reasonable year.  This week the Necropolis League started in Path of Exile and Bel and Kodra talk a bit about their experiences with the league mechanic.  Finally, we wrap things up with some discussion of Age of Sigmar 4.0.


Topics Discussed:

  • GloomHaven: Buttons & Bugs

  • Mario vs Donkey Kong

  • Princess Peach Showtime

  • World of Warcraft Plunderstorm

  • Hugo Award Nominees for Best Game

  • Path of Exile Necropolis League

  • Age of Sigmar 4.0

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Featuring: Ammosart, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, Thalen, and Tamrielo


Hey Folks! Grace has returned to Stardew Valley and we spent some time discussing some recent changes… including the mayo meme.  From there we talk a bit about Balatro as folks have had a chance to dive into it.  Tam talks about his experiences with Pacific Drive and its unique blend of Car Survival games.  This week was the full reveal stream for Path of Exile Necropolis League and we spent a bit of time talking through some of the significant game system changes.  Finally, we end the show talking about some Last Epoch and the experiences that folks are still having with the game including a bit of a dive down the rabbit hole that is Spellblade.


Topics Discussed:

  • Stardew Valley

    • Drinkable Mayonnaise Meme

  • Balatro

  • Pacific Drive

  • Path of Exile

    • Necropolis League Reveals

  • Last Epoch

    • Tam and the Spellblade

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Featuring: Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Kodra, Tamrielo, and Thalen


Hey Folks we’re back! Sorry for the week off but we return with a full docket of topics.  We start off with some more discussion of Last Epoch and how everyone is still enjoying the game.  Bel dinged 100 for the first time and we talked a bit about buildcraft and approachability.  From there Bel talks about Dwarven Realms an ARPG of a sort that has gained traction this week amongst some of the streamers that is just “big dumb fun”. From there Ash goes down a list of Roguelikes that he has been enjoying lately namely Astral Ascent, Spiritfall, and Balatro. Tam revisits his topic surrounding the ambitious process of remaking Final Fantasy VII and his thoughts after having played a good deal of the second part.  Finally, Bel uses volatile reversal and brings us back to the topic of Last Epoch and namely the impact it seems to be having on the ARPG genre as a whole.


Topics Discussed:

  • Last Epoch

    • Bel Dings 100

    • Buildcraft Discussion

    • Approachability

  • Dwarven Realms

    • So Dumb So Good

  • Roguelike Lightning Round

    • Astral Ascent

    • Spiritfall

    • Balatro

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Thoughts

    • Entirely remaking a classic

  • The Impact of Last Epoch

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Featuring: Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, Tamrielo, and Thalen


Tonight we are back with the whole crew. We start off the show talking about how Secrets of Grindea, a game that we did an early gameclub show about…  has FINALLY launched out of Early Access. From there we talk about Last Epoch some more as Kodra was out last week and has much to say about explosions.  We also discussed building different characters and how the game rewards them.  Bel attempts a Tier list but gets shut down as he is the only one who still prefers Path of Exile. Finally, Tam and Ammo share their early thoughts about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.


Topics Discussed:

  • Secrets of Grindea Launched

  • Last Epoch

    • Kodra Returns and Has Thoughts

    • The joy of building new characters

    • Bel’s Tier Ranking Gets Shut Down

  • Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

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