Tonight we have a show with a running theme about launches of varying degrees of success.  We get the memes out of our system about the Cybertruck and how Bel would absolutely drive one.  We talk about the concerning launch of the Google Stadia and the challenges of cloud gaming in general.  We talk about the announcement of Half Life Alyx… and how we all became way less interesting when we heard it was VR.  We talk about the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield and how Ash is frustrated about the lack of the eternal PokeDex, but otherwise it is a solid game.  Grace and Bel talk about the rocky start to Diablo 3 Season 19 and the various bugs that they are encountering. Bel and Thalen talk about the Vex Offensive entering the Final Assault in Destiny 2, and how players were expecting it to be something different.  Finally Bel talks a little bit about returning to and playing a bit of the Anthem Cataclysm events.

Topics Discussed

  • Cybertruck
    • Object Still Loading
  • Google Stadia
    • Challenges of Cloud Gaming
    • Unknown Market
    • XCloud / Playstation Now / Parsec
  • Half Life Alyx
    • Half Life 1 ½ 
    • The Failure of VR
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield
  • Diablo 3 Season 19 Issues
  • Destiny 2 Vex Offensive Final Assault
    • Fans Expected Fatebringer 2.0
  • Anthem Redux
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Tonight we talk about the new Hollow Knight randomizer and also some discussion of games that have randomizers in general.  From there Kodra talks about the return of the DoubleClicks at Geek Girl Con and how chill and awesome of a convention that is each year.  We dive into a discussion about a game we swore was vaporware but actually is freaking awesome… Jedi Fallen Order. We dive a little bit into some talk of the importance of space in games, but it mostly just ends up looping back around to some more Jedi Fallen Order discussion.

Topics Discussed:

  • New Hollow Knight Randomizer
    • Randomized Games
  • Return of the Doubleclicks!
    • Geek Girl Con 2019
  • Jedi Fallen Order
  • Importance of Space in Games
  • More Jedi Fallen Order Talk
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Tonight we talk about the epic conclusion of a two year long D&D campaign and the setting changing ramifications that come about in this Final Fantasy inspired setting because of it.  From there we dive into the recent Warframe Patch and all of the changes brought about by it. We talk about the Blizzard Shadiness and provide a bit of an update in that department before diving into a discussion of the things that came out of BlizzCon 2019.  We talk Diablo IV, Overwatch 2, and that time when the Lich Queen broke Azeroth and sent us all to the Shadowlands.

Topics Discussed

  • Two Year D&D Campaign
    • Final Fantasy Theme
    • Epic Boss Conclusion
    • Commissioning Artwork
    • The Future of the Setting Going Forward
  • Warframe Patch Update
    • A Rival System 
    • Kuva Lich
  • Blizzard Shadiness
    • Bel’s Greater Theory of how we got here
  • BlizzCon Updates
    • Diablo IV
    • Overwatch 2
    • World of Warcraft Shadowlands
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