Featuring: Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, Tamrielo, and Thalen


Tonight we sit down to record the first “Aggrochat Game Club show”-like experience that we have done in a really long time.  A few weeks back a copy of Citizen Sleeper showed up in our steam libraries courtesy of Tam, and after several played it…  we set forth to eventually have a single show where we talked about it at length.  The major benefit of this is that for the most part, it is a relatively short game, and also has a wide myriad of possible outcomes.  This led to some interestingly varied experiences including one where Bel just played the game wrong entirely and made it out on the other side with a good ending.  This is a full spoiler show about Citizen Sleeper so I highly suggest if you have not played the game…  that you might do so and come back later.

Topics Discussed

  • Citizen Sleeper
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Featuring: Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Tamrielo, and Thalen

Tonight we are down a Grace and a Kodra but carry on with the long list of topics left over from last week.  We start the show with a discussion of Trek to Yomi and how it is the video game form of a samurai movie.  Bel revisits New World and talks about all of the improvements, and how it is very unlikely to change anything population-wise.  Folks played Necromunda in person using the 2018 rules set and share their experiences.  Bel talks a bit about his rabbit hole from last week of looking at just how far off Kickstarter estimated delivery dates are for Video Games.  Finally, we talk some more about Star Citizen and the 3.17 patch, along with some long-time daydreaming about a world where Tam gets to ferry us around the galaxy going on delves through abandoned space hulks.

Topics Discussed

  • Trek to Yomi
  • New World Improvements
  • Necromunda
  • Kickstarter Nonsense Estimates
  • Star Citizen 3.17
  • Always Pay Your Sheep in PVP
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Featuring:  Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, Tamrielo, and Thalen

Last week was mothers day and travel and such led to us not being able to record a show.  As is often the case we ended up with a long list of topics and not enough time to address them all.  First, we talk about the curious intersection of Pachinko and Roguelikes and more specifically Peglin and Roundgaurd…  and its pinball-focused cousin Yoku’s Island Express.  Thalen shares with us the joy of the Squirrelgirl Podcast.  We talk a bit about the odd but obvious cross-over event between EVE Online and Microsoft Excel.  We dive a bit into Guild Wars 2 and talk about how apparently Bel is actually doing PVP now, not just WvW.  We also congratulate Kodra on getting his Skyscale mount and talk a bit about the long grinds.  From there Thalen discusses the DIE Pen and Paper system.  From there we talk a bit about the recent streamer bans for running addons and the whole debacle causing rifts in the community.  Lastly, we talk a bit about bringing back the AggroChat Game of the Month…  sorta…  because we are going to all play Citizen Sleeper and then record a show about it.

Topics Discussed

  • The intersection of Pachinko and Roguelikes
    • Peglin
    • Roundguard
    • Yoku’s Island Express
  • Squirrel Girl Podcast
  • EVE Online and Excel Crossover
  • Guild Wars 2
    • Someone replaced Bel and is doing PVP
    • Kodra gets a Skyscale
  • DIE the Pen and Paper Game
  • Final Fantasy XIV Addon Debacle
  • AggroChat Game of the Month Returning Sorta
    • Citizen Sleeper Show Soon
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Tonight we start off with an apology about missing last week due to severe weather.  We did the thing where we accidentally talked about things we should have talked about on the show…  and roll straight into a discussion about Drizzlewood and Living World Season 5.  From there we talk a bit about the World of Warcraft Dragonflight announcement.  This dives into a topic about how the failed state of Warcraft has helped so many games that are not Final Fantasy XIV and the odd thriving condition of legacy games.  We talk a bit about Flowstone Saga and vampire Survivors.  Then we dive into what ends up being a full spoiler discussion of Outriders that starts with some discussion about the expansion coming in June.  We attempt to wrap things up with the Stanley Parable, but get into an offshoot at the end of the show about Marvel shows.

Topics Discussed

  • Guild Wars 2
    • Drizzlewood is Great
    • Chapter 5 of Living World 5 is NOT
  • World of Warcraft Dragonflight
  • WoW Failing Helped Everyone Out
    • Talk about various MMORPGs that are thriving right now
  • Flowstone Saga
  • Vampire Survivors
    • More Weird Additions
  • Outriders Worldslayer
    • FULL Outriders Spoilers
  • The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe
  • Impromptu Marvel Discussion
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