Featuring:  Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Kodra, Tamrielo, and Thalen

Hey Folks!  We were expecting to be down both a Grace and a Tam but at the very last minute, Tam was available.  We talked a bit about the new Return to Monkey Island game and how it is educating us on important anchor facts.  From there we talk about one of the longest-to-deliver Kickstarter called Two Guys Spaceventure, which styles itself as a new Space Quest game but largely fails at delivering.  From there we talk about the card games of Richard Garfield and what his initial design intent was versus how the games actually play.  From there we talk a bit about Star Ocean: The Divine Force which has released a demo this week.  We talked a bit about the announcement of the 4000 Series Nvidia cards and the 70% price increase that comes with them.  We talked about how Twitch seems to be eating itself and the onslaught of folks shifting to YouTube after changes in revenue splits.  Finally, Bel talks about getting a Steam Deck and how he has already caused his device to get into a boot loop.  We talk a bit about how the hardware works so well for being a completely hands-off console for Tam but also allowing Bel to tinker endlessly with his setup.

Topics Discussed

  • Return to Monkey Island
  • Two Guys Spaceventure
  • As Garfield Intended
    • Pokemon
    • Magic the Gathering
    • Richard Garfield’s Intent
  • Star Ocean: The Divine Force Demo
  • Nvidia Price Hike
    • Don’t buy a 4000 Series Card
    • AMD Price Drops
  • Twitch Eats Itself
    • The migration to YouTube
  • Bricking the Steam Deck
    • Bel gets a Deck and Fiddles with it
    • Logitech G Cloud doesn’t make sense
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We start off the show with a hearty congratulations to Tam who will likely be out for a few weeks because he is in dad mode with a very “smol hume”.  From there we talk a bit about the Fall of Babylon…  or at least Babylon’s Fall and the game we never understood why it was a thing officially shuttering in February.  It has been a very Not-E3 week as all major players had a significant presence at the Tokyo Game Show.  More specifically we talk a lot about everything that came out of the Nintendo Direct.  It is time for the Nightmare Tower in Guild Wars 2 as Season 1 Episode 4 drops, leaving we believe only one more episode to go before the story hole has officially been patched.  Bel talks at length about his adventures on the New World PTR and more specifically some of the massive changes to how crafting works.  From there we dive into a discussion about Path of Exile and how it isn’t really a “chill” game.  When the game is good it is great, but when it is bad it is atrocious.  As always though when we complain about games it comes from a place of love, because if we don’t really care…  we just don’t talk about it.

Topics Discussed

  • Babylon’s Fall Shutdown
  • Tokyo Game Show
  • Nintendo Direct
  • New World PTR
  • Path of Exile Frustrations
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Featuring:  Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, and Thalen


Tonight we attempt to record a show that is only an hour in length but fail again overshooting by about fifteen minutes.  We are down a Tam because life happens, and Kodra had to travel to Ash’s house to get internet…  but we get a shot out the door regardless.  We start off with a quick recap on the experience of starting Ooblets from scratch, then dive into a discussion about the next Shovel Knight game from a different studio.  Ash talks a bit about his experiences with PAX West and we discuss games that evoke the style of a specific era in console games.  This dives into a whole discussion about our console gaming experiences throughout the years.  Bel talks a bit about the upcoming patch to New World and how it is completely changing the starting game experience for the better.  


From there we dive into a discussion about Path of Exile and how spending some in-game currency on a build can make a massive difference.  We talk about narrowing down the hunt for Atlas completion as Grace and Bel get close to wrapping that up.  Then we dive into a side topic about how easy it is just to write off bad performance when maybe it is something you did to cause it.  Essentially running Path of Exile on a mechanical drive makes a massive difference, and you really should use a high-quality SSD.

Topics Discussed

  • Ooblets
  • Shovel Knight Dig
  • PAX West
  • Retro Styled Games
  • New World Revitalization
  • Path of Exile
    • Spending lots of currency on a build
    • Closing in on Atlas Completion
  • Dealing with Bad Performance
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Featuring:  Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, Tamrielo, and Thalen


Hey Folks!  What happens when we have a few weeks worth of Path of Exile discussion bottled up?  Well, apparently we record a two hour long show!  Bel was completely oblivious to how long we were recording in spite of the entire crew trying to warn him.  First, we have a few quick topics about Return to Oz and the launch of Ooblets on all platforms including Nintendo Switch.  From there we dive into a long discussion about our thoughts relating to Path of Exile as a whole and how the Lake of Kalandra league has gone.  We have different points of entry from those of us who have been grinding away at maps, and those who have yet to finish the campaign.  We also attempt to scare Kodra who thinks he has seen a lot of systems so far…  but has yet to unlock half of them.

Topics Discussed

  • Return to Oz
  • Ooblets Launch
  • Path of Exile
    • Lake of Kalandra League
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