Featuring: Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Tamrielo, and Thalen


Tonight we have a show where we are mostly discovering games that have been out for a very long time.  We start off with Rimworld and Tam’s adventures in this story generation engine.  From there we talk about Wolfstride and how it is a very 90s anime representation of a video game.  From there Tam talks a bit about the Star Citizen Guide program that links someone needing help with a live person to help them, and how recent changes have made that system work strangely.  Finally, we dive into Path of Exile and how the rabbit hole has widened and captured most of us.  We talk about confronting the passive tree and the weird edge case builds it can support along with some early multiplayer experiences.  We also talk a bit about how important it is for games to support a controller and a mouse and keyboard to meet the players where they are most comfortable.  Finally, we dive a bit into the microtransactions within Path of Exile and their general acceptance.

Topics Discussed

  • Rimworld Adventures
  • Wolfstride
    • Very 90s Anime Game
  • Star Citizen’s Guide System
    • Echos of Everquest Guide System
  • Path of Exile
    • The rabbit hole widens
    • Multiplayer experiences
    • Controller Support in ARPGs
    • Acceptance of MTX
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