Featuring:  Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, Tamrielo, and Thalen


Tonight we are back and instead of Bel being sick this time we have Kodra who sounds awful.  First up we start with a discussion about Tam’s experiences with the Steam Deck and how it is a phenomenal device.  From there we talk about Tam dropping down to 1440p high framerate after spending time running at 4K and how he has been a better experience.  Ash talks about Digimon Survive finally released and his experiences with the game.  Bel gets into Dragonflight Alpha for World of Warcraft and talks about his first few weeks.  From there we talk about some of the early experiences with Multiversus and the high-quality smash bros style gameplay.  Kodra talks about the upcoming Kickstarter for Nara: Facing Fire.  Tam talks about Anno: Mutationem and its interesting take on Cyberpunk and that it is not at all connected to the Anno Series.  Finally, we wrap up with some discussion of the recent Ocarina of Time TAS play for Summer Games Done Quick.

Featured Topics

  • Steam Deck Ownership
  • Downgrading to 1440p
  • Digimon Survive Released
  • Dragonflight Alpha
  • Multiversus
  • Nara: Facing Fire
  • Anno: Mutationem
  • SGDQ Ocarina of Time TAS
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