So just a heads up we had some technical difficulty while recording the show.  Apparently the server that we use to record on was slowly dying throughout the night and culminated in a grand crescendo at the end with us all getting disconnected.  As a result we cut off abruptly. In between these issues however we talk about Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter and the upcoming class changes. Bel talks about how Crowfall is turning into a game and feels like less of a tech demo than it did.  Tam talks about Total War Three Kingdoms. We discuss the madness that happened after last weeks show and lots more people signing on to the World of Warcraft Classic madness. We wrap up with a topic about some of the cool stuff Games Workshop is doing.

Topics Discussed:

  • …. Pation
  • Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter
    • Class Changes
    • Benchmark
  • Crowfall is Actually A Game
    • Nostalgia for Corpse Runs
    • Eve Offline Skill Progression
  • Thalen Wants a Survival Game that Cares about Correct Nutrition
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms
    • Another Romance of the Kingdoms
  • World of Warcraft Classic
    • More of AggroChat joins this madness
  • Games Workshop Continues to be Decent
    • Awesome new shading paint
    • Contrast Paint
  • Abrupt Cut Off
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