Tonight we are down an Ammo and start off with a discussion about hosting providers and the process of moving the 77,000 files that make up  From there we talk about MMO Housing and the madness that is camping an opening in Final Fantasy XIV. Bel got into the WoW Classic Beta and talks about his experiences of relearning the game and plans to start a dungeon and raiding guild called Decades Behind once things go live.  Kodra talks about how Server Transfers started the process of destroying Server Communities which leads to some hopes of static servers in Classic. We talk for a bit about the PC RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker and how it is close to the campaign. Finally Bel talks a bit about getting a new tablet and venturing forth into Tablet gaming.


Topics Discussed

  • Hosting Providers
    • AggroChat has Moved
  • MMO Housing
    • Instanced vs Physical
    • Woes of FFXIV
  • WoW Classic Beta
    • Relearning things we forgot
    • Decades Behind
    • BfA Damaged the Brand
    • Server Community Nostalgia
  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker
  • Tablet Gaming
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
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