We start off the show with a hearty congratulations to Tam who will likely be out for a few weeks because he is in dad mode with a very “smol hume”.  From there we talk a bit about the Fall of Babylon…  or at least Babylon’s Fall and the game we never understood why it was a thing officially shuttering in February.  It has been a very Not-E3 week as all major players had a significant presence at the Tokyo Game Show.  More specifically we talk a lot about everything that came out of the Nintendo Direct.  It is time for the Nightmare Tower in Guild Wars 2 as Season 1 Episode 4 drops, leaving we believe only one more episode to go before the story hole has officially been patched.  Bel talks at length about his adventures on the New World PTR and more specifically some of the massive changes to how crafting works.  From there we dive into a discussion about Path of Exile and how it isn’t really a “chill” game.  When the game is good it is great, but when it is bad it is atrocious.  As always though when we complain about games it comes from a place of love, because if we don’t really care…  we just don’t talk about it.

Topics Discussed

  • Babylon’s Fall Shutdown
  • Tokyo Game Show
  • Nintendo Direct
  • New World PTR
  • Path of Exile Frustrations
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