Bel is back but still sick and hoping his voice holds!  Tonight we have a short reprise of the Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker discussion from last week since Bel didn’t get to participate.  This tiptoes around being spoiler so your mileage may vary. From there we talk about A Short Hike a charming game about meeting animal friends while trying to get mobile phone reception.  Tam talks about his experience with the Battlefront 2 campaign mode and a bit of him replaying SWTOR campaigns. Bel talks about Video Games being ported to the small screen and how they are more “inspired by” than accurate.  The Witcher however has a shot for shot recreation of a battle from the first game and we dive into that. Bel also has been playing a ton of Witcher 3 and is completely enthralled with the game now. Kodra talks about his experience with Slay the Spire and then we talk some more Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Topics Discussed

  • Star Wars Discussion Reprised
  • A Short Hike
    • Animal Crossing With a Point
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign
  • Revisiting SWTOR Campaigns
  • Video Games Adapted to Screen
    • Witcher Shot for Shot Recreation
  • Revisiting Witcher 3
  • Slay the Spire
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield
    • Merits of Shift vs Set
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