Tonight we have a few new things to discuss and a few topics that bumped from last week.  However first off we talk about Four Job Fiesta the charity event where you run Final Fantasy V with a randomly assigned set of jobs.  Next up we talk about the sheer blasphemy that is how well the Games Workshop Contrast paints work. From there we go into how damned good Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is and how it is exactly the game we wanted it to be.  Kodra geeks out about the Silksong Nintendo Treehouse demo and who much he is looking forward to that game. Tam talks about his recent run through of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition on Tablet, and we end the show with some talk about SGDQ or Summer Games Done Quick starting on Sunday.

Topics Discussed:

  • Four Job Fiesta 2019
    • Tweet Ash your Victories!
  • Painting is Magic
    • Games Workshop Contrast Paints
  • Bloodstained is Out!
    • Exceeds Our Hopes and Dreams
  • Silksong Treehouse Demo
    • Mixing up the gameplay
  • Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition
    • Nostalgia about Baldur’s Gate
    • Go For the Eyes Boo
  • Summer Games Done Quick
    • Starting Sunday 23rd
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