AggroChat #438 - Teenage Exocolonist Blues

Featuring: Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Kodra, Tamrielo, and Thalen


Hey Folks! This week we start off with a carryover topic from last week and talk a bit about Star Wars Shatterpoint.  From there Ash tells us about the Furry Child Soldier gameā€¦ better known as Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2. Bel talks a bit about the Overwatch 2 PVE content that is being sold for $15 after the original PVE expansion was canceled.  He also talks a bit about the concerns brewing about a proper cash shop opening in World of Warcraft.  Tam tells us about this delightful-sounding game called I Was a Teenage Exocolonist before Bel brings down the show with talk of the current Corporate Internet Apocalypse.  We talk a bit about the Reddit Blackout and Streamers abandoning Twitch.  Finally, Bel and Ash talk a bit about how nonsensically good the Spriggan that Grace told us about is in Last Epoch.


Topics Discussed:

  • Star Wars Shatterpoint

  • Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2

  • Overwatch 2 $15 PVE Pass

  • WoW Cashshop Concerns

  • I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

  • Streamer Contract Paid More than LeBron James

  • Streamers Abandoning Twitch

  • The Reddit Blackout

  • Corporate Internet is Burning

  • Last Epoch Spriggan is Nonsense

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