Featuring: Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, and Kodra


Tonight we have a bit of a short show as we had to punt several topics to next week since Tam and Thalen were out.  Bel talks about his recent adventures since the beginning of the year with the Library system and the Libby App.  From there Ash shares his experience using Character Questionnaires to drive character development in a tabletop pen-and-paper game.  Kodra talks about streaming a day of Celeste Strawberry Jam and his experiences playing the game with a pillowcase on his head.  Bel talks about what happens when a large Mastodon instance closes and over 17,000 folks have to relocate at once.  Bel also talks about his experiences helping to administrate Gamepad.club. Finally, we talk about times when games decided to break their world or remove large chunks of content and why it didn’t work.


Topics Discussed

  • Adventures with the Library System

    • Bel gets a Library Card

    • The Libby App

    • Gideon the Ninth / Harrow the Ninth

    • The Last Watch

    • Catching up with Dresden

  • Character Questionnaires are Amazing

    • Using a Questionaire to help build character development in tabletop games.

  • Celeste Strawberry Jam

    • Beginner Lobby

    • Kodra plays with a Pillowcase on their Head

  • The Death of an Instance

    • What happens when a large Mastodon Instance closes

    • Bel helping admin Gamepad.club

  • Breaking the World Does Not Work

    • Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 1

    • World of Warcraft Cataclysm

    • Evequest 1 to Everquest 2

    • Destiny 2 Removing Content

    • FFXIV ARR did Work However

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