Tonight we start the show with a discussion of the Endwalker Head Start…  which may or may not have started depending on if you can make it through the queues.  We talk about our early struggles with the game and some general impressions in a fully non-spoilers way.  From there Kodra talks about his process of learning how to speedrun Celeste.  A topic that has been on our list for awhile is a discussion about Homebrew and House Rules and why this exist or when they go wrong.  Ash talks a bit about Fuga: Melodies of Steel and how it appears to be a passion project for CyberConnect2.  We wrap up with a discussion of New World’s latest patch on PTR and how they are making it impossible to avoid the Watermark Grind.

Topics Discussed

  • Endwalker Early Access
    • Nearly 400% increase in Steam over Shadowbringers
    • Five Hour Queues
    • Early Impressions
  • Learning to Speedrun Celeste
  • Homebrewing
    • When Designers Get it Wrong
    • House Rules and Negotiation
    • Enhancing Fun
  • Fuga: Melodies of Steel
  • New World December Update
    • Killing Value of High End Crafting
    • Forcing the Watermark Grind
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