Tonight we return to some discussion about New World and how the promised server moves don’t seem like they are going to work out as we thought.  The end result is the server queues are gone from Minda but we have a handful of people isolated on servers in a different region.  We talk about some of Kodra’s woes in attempting to run PVP Faction missions solo.  From there we talk a bit about Tabletop Simulator and some of the interesting ways it allows you to play board games virtually during the pandemic.  We talk a bit about Tales of Arise and some of the issues it has with not really explaining clearly where a player should go next.  We wrap things up with some discussion of Kodra finally beating Celeste and moving on to the modded version of the game including Glyph.

Topics Discussed:

  • New World
    • Awful Server Move Strategy
    • Issues with Solo PVP
    • Good Systems
  • Tabletop Simulator
    • Virtual Miniature Gaming
    • Magic Commander/EDH
    • Playtesting
  • Tales of Arise
  • Beating Celeste
    • Moving on to Modded Celeste
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