Tonight we start off the show with a brief discussion of the console releases this week and how none of us actually managed to get one yet.  Bel has one that is still shipping and Tam has had zero luck even getting to that point in the process.  Bel talks a bit about Destiny 2 Beyond Light and how it is a solid expansion but cannot make up for three years of content that was removed from the game.  The “sunset” has had some pretty negative impact on the game and even Bungie agrees that they maybe went too far.  We talk a bit about the first major Genshin Impact patch and how it added way more content than we were expecting.  Finally we dive into a discussion about games and hobbies and seeking out a place for creative expression.  We also talk about the differences between creating something that is physical and tangible that you can hold in your hand versus something that takes place solely online.

Topics Discussed

  • Console Releases
    • Sams Doesn’t Understand Preorders
  • Destiny 2 Beyond Light
    • Good Expansion
    • Bad Idea removing so much content
  • Genshin Impact Patch 1.1
    • City Reputations
    • Way More Content than Expected
  • Games and Hobbies
    • Creative Expression
    • Creating Tangible Things
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