Tonight we start the show off with a bit of a retraction.  Bel has found out that a lot of the weird mouse and camera interactions seem to have been caused by running RTX Voice while playing Avengers.  As a result Bel talks about his experiences playing Avengers and how the story really shines but the gameplay is adequate but not as smooth as it could be.  From there we talk about using things for alternate purposes, primarily how good cosmetic items work for hobbies.  We talk a little bit about the phenomena that is Fall Guys and both how charming it is and how bizarrely it has lit the streaming world on fire.  Finally we wrap up with a long discussion about Crusader Kings III and the story generator that it is.


Topics Discussed:

  • Avengers Release is Not Bad
    • Issues with RTX Voice
  • Repurposing Items
    • Cosmetic Items for Hobby and Crafting
  • Guys Falling
    • Cute Beans Fall Down
    • Streaming Success
  • Crusader Kings III
    • Story Generation
    • Cannibalism for Fun and Profit
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