Tonight we start off with a discussion of Dungeon Defenders Awakened and how it is a less complete version of the original game.  We talk about whether or not this is going to be a good idea for the long run.  From there Bel talks about his experiences with Minecraft Dungeons and how it generally feels like an unfinished and unbalanced mess.  From there we talk about how PSO2 has a lot of interesting systems and some decent tutorials, but does not do a great job of leading players to them.  Lastly we have a discussion about a return to Guild Wars 2 and experiencing how much better they are at telling its story.

Topics Discussed

  • The Death of a Hard Drive
  • Dungeon Defenders Returns
  • Minecraft Dungeons
    • Unfinished Feeling and Grindy
  • PSO2 Bad Presentation of Good Tutorials
  • Guild Wars 2
    • How they learned to tell a story
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