We start things up with some discussion of the end of Untitled Goose Game going fully spoiler and also discussing the meta narrative.  Ash talks about PDXCon, specifically Crusader Kings and Stellaris. We talk a bit about Fallout First subscription and how it doesn’t deliver on Private Servers at all in a manner we expected it to.  Lastly we spend the remainder of the show talking about The Outer Worlds the new Fallout-like RPG from Obsidian the crafters of Fallout New Vegas. In closing we are going to be down several folks next week so as a result we are skipping it and picking back up on the 9th.

Topics Discussed

  • Untitled Goose Game Ending
    • Spoilers Beware
    • Meta Narrative
  • PDXCon
    • Crusader Kings III
    • Stellaris Federations rework
    • Surviving the Aftermath
    • Age of Wonders Planetfall Revelations
  • Fallout First
    • Not Actually Private Servers
    • Fallout 76 Money Grab
  • The Outer Worlds
    • Fallout New Vegas
    • Bioshock
    • Dystopian Fiction
    • Capitalism Gone Way Too Far
    • Comparisons to Fallout
    • Firefly References
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