Tonight once again we are naming the show off of probably the shortest topic.  Before that however we talk about Blizzard and their continued shadiness with cancelling the NYC Nintendo Overwatch launch party and protests organizing for BlizzCon.  Riot also apparently decides to make one of every game genre with League characters. Ash tries to start something by claiming Ori and the Blind Forest is better than Hollow Knight.  Kodra says he is looking for a new game to replace the fun grind of WoW Classic. He has been playing some ESO with controller and liking it a lot. Bel throws out Lord of the Rings Online and the Deed system as a similarly meaningful grind.  Bel also throws out Destiny 2 and Thalen backs him up in that there is just an insane amount of stuff to do. Finally we wrap up with the titular topic about Billy Mitchell and getting all of his high scores invalidated.

Topics Discussed:

  • Bad Guy Blizzard Update
  • Riot Takes on All Genres
  • Ash picks a Fight with Kodra over Ori and Hollow Knight
    • Replaying Ori on Switch
    • Hollow Knight and replayability
  • In Defense of Grinding
    • Boycott of WoW Classic
    • Elder Scrolls Online with Controller
    • LOTRO and Deed Grinding
    • Destiny 2 Directed Grinding
      • Thalen Backs Bel Up
  • Donkey Kong Score Dispute
    • High Scores Invalidated
    • Regular Show Episode
    • Billy Mitchell Loses Many Lawsuits
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