Tonight we are down a bunch of folks because it is in fact starting to be that time of the year.  We have a bit of a roll over topic largely talking about the potential effects that World of Warcraft Classic has had on other projects.  This was spurred by a new game from Raph Koster that got initial funding, and continues through a series of discussions about what MMORPGs have lost from the classic era.  We also talk about why none of us are currently playing WoW Classic and the Boycott of Blizzard. Finally we wrap up with some discussion about Supergiant’s game Hades.


Topics Discussed

  • WoW Classic and its effect on game projects
    • Raph Koster’s new game
    • Brad McQuaid keeps creating the same game
  • What is missing from Modern MMOs
    • The absence of downtime activities
    • Bel’s weirdly small total played number in Destiny 2
  • Ideas surrounding an MMORPG that spans PC, Mobile and Console all integrated and working together.
  • Boycott of Blizzard
    • The Hong Kong Situation
    • Blizz Not Understanding the Boycott
    • The hypocrisy of Blizz’s stance
  • Hades
    • Diablo and Rogue Legacy had a Child
    • Narrated Patch Notes
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