Tonight we talk about more Shadowbringers, which I am sure is a massive shock to our readers.  First off we talk about the thirst that the internet seems to have for several of the characters and why Urianger is always the wrong choice for that sort of thing.  From there we talk about the Eden raid fights and why we are apparently misremembering all of these fights. From there we talk comic con announcements namely She-Ra and Steven Universe stuff with a side jaunt into the announcement of the next Magic the Gathering set bringing us back to Lorwyn.  Finally we wrap things up with some talk about Kodra delving into some harder Mario Maker 2 levels.

Topics Discussed

  • Final Fantasy XIV Thirst
    • Why Urianger is a bad choice
  • Eden Raid Discussion
    • Fighting Primals again and again and again
  • Comic Con News
    • She-Ra Season 3
    • Steven Universe Movie
    • Why Walking Dead movie is too late
    • Veronica Mars
    • Thor 4 News
    • Picard Series
  • Throne of Eldraine
    • We are going back to Lorwyn in MTG
  • Mario Maker 2
    • Davey Wreden Levels
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