This is a bit of a challenging week, and we largely went into it not knowing if we actually had a show or not.  If you look at our trello there is mostly just a bunch of comments about how we played nothing but Shadowbringers this week.  Kodra played a few things and we talk about Tametsi and Mario Maker 2 some more… and then there is a brief interlude about the TennoCon Stream.  However the majority of this show is us talking about Shadowbringers and we have limited ourselves to only talking spoilers up until the first Trial.  This is of course because we are progressed to various points in the story… and my god does the story matter this time.

Topics Discussed:

  • Tametsi
    • Hexcells
    • Lumines
  • Mario Maker 2
  • TennoCon Stream
  • Shadowbringers
    • The only thing most of us played this week
    • More general impressions
    • Spoilers for up to the First Shb Trial
    • Spoilers about Stormblood
    • Lali-hooooooooooooooo!
    • Quite possibly the best Final Fantasy Game Ever?
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