Featuring: Ashgar, Belghast, Kodra, Tamrielo, and Thalen


Hey Folks! We start off the show talking about some of the recent updates to Pathfinder adding a number of player background options including build your own animal race.  Kodra talks about his experience finishing up Animal Well, and Ash talks about playing a game that mimics raiding in Final Fantasy XIV called Rabbit & Steel.  Bel shares his thoughts so far about Diablo IV Season 4, where they gave up on whatever the original vision was and just made the ARPG people expected them to make.  This ends up in a side conversation about how breaking an implied promise and removing content from your game is very hard to pull off.  We talk about still being bitter about Cataclysm and Destiny 2.


Topics Discussed:

  • Pathfinder Animal Options

  • Animal Well Finished

  • Rabbit & Steel

    • FFXIV Bullethell Raid Simulator

  • Diablo 4 Season 4

    • They decided to make the game folks wanted

  • Changing Content is REALLY hard

    • Cataclysm Blowing up the World

    • Destiny Deleting Content

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