Featuring: Ammosart, Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, Tamrielo, and Thalen


Sometimes a big week happens where there is a collision of events leading us to all want to talk about a game.  We welcome Kodra back from GenCon 2022 and he talks about his experiences namely the LARPs he participated in and this leads to a discussion of Warmachine 4.0.  From there we spend some time talking about the Path of Exile 3.19 Lake of Kalandra league reveal stream and the changes it is ushering in.  Bel and Ammo talk a bit about Tower of Fantasy which seems to be a universally better version of Genshin Impact set in a science fiction borderlands/wildstar-like universe.  Finally, we wrap things up with some talk about Cult of the Lamb where you sacrifice your friends for fun and profit.


Topics Discussed

  • GenCon 2022
    • LARPs
  • Warmachine 4.0
    • What is going on?
  • Path of Exile
    • 3.19 Lake of Kalandra Stream
  • Tower of Fantasy
  • Cult of the Lamb
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