One of the things about AggroChat is we very often rarely get into a game when it is new, which leads to us putting several titles on our games of the year list that are several years old.  This week Belghast finally got around to playing Control and is now trying to hook everyone else on it.  From there we talk a bit about the cyberpunk state of Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons and how Cantha is now a high tech kingdom.  Keeping the cyberpunk theme going we talk about Kamigawa Neon Dynasty.  Ash talks a bit about Trials of Mana and their New Game Plus system that allows you to easily see how the OTHER party would have finished the game.  From here we roll into a discussion about the most recent controversy going on with Star Citizen.  Then we wrap things up with a few quick topics like how Elden Ring might have a serious security vulnerability.  Then Kodra talks for a bit about Kaizo Mario and how maybe things aren’t as difficult as folks seem to think they are. Topics Discussed
  • Control
  • Jade Cyberpunk Cantha
  • Neon Cyberpunk Kamigawa
  • Trials of Mana New Game Plus
  • Transparency in Game Dev
    • Aka Star Citizen Recent Controversy
  • Elden Ring potential exploits
  • Celeste.smc and Kaizo Mario
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