Huge apologies for last week, but we realized entirely too late that our show recording would in fact fall on Halloween and we would be down to like two people.  As a result we took the week off and now return with one of those shows that just has a random assemblage of topics.  We talk a little bit about N7 Day actually having announcements and the impending re-release of the Mass Effect Trilogy that is likely to disappoint.  We talk about the Star Wars Christmas special and the plans to make a brand new version which will as a result immediately become the best version.  We talk a very brief bit about the Mandalorian in a relatively spoiler free manner.  Bel talks a bit about the new guidance from Blizzard making key broadcasting software a bannable offense and putting an end to a specific kind of multi-boxing.  Tam talks about Knights and Bikes as it is this mashup of Night in the Woods and Castle Crashers.  We talk about the early days of the internet and Hypnospace Outlaw that attempts to revisit a twisted version of that.  From there we end up on this side topic about GameFaqs and the early days of printing off long form Ascii guides.  We wrap up with some talk about Disco Elysium and playing Mario Kart when there are skill gaps.

Topics Discussed

  • Happy N7 Day
    • Mass Effect Trilogy re-release
  • Star Wars Christmas Special
  • The Mandalorian Season Two
  • Blizzard Bans Key Broadcasting Software
    • Partial End of Multi-Boxing
  • Knights and Bikes
  • Hypnospace Outlaw
  • Early Internet and GameFaqs
  • Disco Elysium
  • Mario Kart Multiplayer with Skill Gaps
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