Tonight we start the show with Bel talking about Darksiders Genesis and how it doesn’t really fit into the Diablo mold.  Bel also talks about his recent experience with the vastly different Wolcen as it nears entering early access. We talk about the large free update to Mario Maker 2 that among other things introduces the Master Sword powerup.  We discuss the Turn Based mod for Pathfinder Kingmaker which leads into a discussion about Turn Based and the Pause/Action RPGs. Tam talks about his recent journey into Star Trek Online and Ash talks about One Step from Eden. Finally Bel and Thalen talk a bit about the upcoming Season of Dawn in Destiny 2 and the end of the Season of Undying.

Topics Discussed

  • Darksiders Genesis
  • Wolcen Post Alpha
  • Mario Maker 2 Update 2
    • Link In Mario Maker
  • Turn Based Pathfinder Kingmaker
    • Turn based vs Action/Pause RPGs
  • Star Trek Online
  • One Step from Eden
  • Destiny 2 Season of Dawn
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