Tonight we talk about the new Hollow Knight randomizer and also some discussion of games that have randomizers in general.  From there Kodra talks about the return of the DoubleClicks at Geek Girl Con and how chill and awesome of a convention that is each year.  We dive into a discussion about a game we swore was vaporware but actually is freaking awesome… Jedi Fallen Order. We dive a little bit into some talk of the importance of space in games, but it mostly just ends up looping back around to some more Jedi Fallen Order discussion.

Topics Discussed:

  • New Hollow Knight Randomizer
    • Randomized Games
  • Return of the Doubleclicks!
    • Geek Girl Con 2019
  • Jedi Fallen Order
  • Importance of Space in Games
  • More Jedi Fallen Order Talk
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