Tonight we start off talking about the Dragalia Lost Anniversary event and how it has been the time to get Five Stars with a daily free 10 Summon.  From there Bel gushes about Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and it playing towards his particular game style. He also talks about getting caught up in the race for world's first on the new raid.  From there we talk a little bit about Overwatch before diving into a discussion about Sayonara Wild Hearts. Finally some discussion about the Cities of Sigmar book and the changes to Warhammer it brings.

Topics Discussed:

  • Dragalia Lost Anniversary Event
    • Still playing daily a year later
  • Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Expansion
    • Destiny version of Looking for Raid
  • Garden of Salvation World First Race
    • Come from behind Victory
    • Competitive PVE Content
  • Overwatch Discussion
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts
    • Loading Ready Run Rhythm Cafe
  • Cities of Sigmar
    • Goodbye Elves
    • Happy Days for Dwarves
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