HONK!!!!!  So tonight we have some topics that have bumped around a bit.  Namely talking about Accessibility versus Friction in Game Design concepts.  This is very much on our minds now as a lot of things we thought we didn’t like, end up being what is providing the cohesion needed to keep moving forward in World of Warcraft classic.  This however ends up creating a bunch of problems namely it is a real challenge to stay up to date with your friends so that you can keep doing content together. We talk about some systems that work and Tams disdain for mentoring systems.  Finally we dig into Magic the Gathering and talk about Kodras most recent dive into Standard and some of the upcoming mechanics that will be arriving soon with Throne of Eldraine.

Topics Discussed:

  • Accessibility vs Friction in Game Design
  • WoW Classic vs Playing With Your Friends
  • Challenges of Keeping up with Everyone
  • Kodra playing Standard with a New Deck
  • Throne of Eldraine
  • Teaser for Untitled Goose Game
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