Last week we recorded our second half of the Shadowbringers spoiler show, but as a result it pushed a few topics off to this week.  First we talk about Pax West and the experiences of Ash, Kodra and Tam as they roamed the show floor. After that we talk about the most recent Nintendo Direct and some of the titles that stood out.  Lastly we go over our normal time talking about our most recent obsession World of Warcraft Classic. I am sure this will be a topic spread across many weeks but we at least start the discussion of our feelings about returning to a game that seemingly we still enjoy playing.


Topics Discussed

  • Pax West 2019
    • Indie Game Rundown
    • Board Game Rundown
    • True Dungeon Experience
  • Nintendo Direct 9/4/2019
    • Terry Bogard in Smash
    • SNES games with Nintendo Online
    • San Smash Bros Costume
    • Xenoblade Chronicles Remaster
    • Town Renamed
  • World of Warcraft Classic
    • Rose Colored Lenses
    • Enjoying the Pacing
    • Hopes for new MMORPG Renaissance
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