We were once again down a large number of folks because life happens and we were clearly on a streak of shows including all members that had to be broken.  Unlike last week however we have some topics! Bel talks a bit about playing Final Fantasy V for the first time without using the Four Job Fiesta rules, which we all know is backwards.  We talk a bit about Final Fantasy XIV including Eden Savage being released. From there we talk a bit about Fire Emblem Three Houses and the comparison to Persona as far as social links go.  Bel also gets informed of the casual no-perma-death mode which was the feature that kept him away from the series. Bel talks about the Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes event and returning to the game after a bunch of content had been released.  Finally we wrap up with some talk about the Warframe summer event and Super Soaker combat.

Topics Discussed:

  • Final Fantasy V
    • Playing without Four Job Fiesta Rules
  • Final Fantasy XIV
    • Eden Savage Opens
    • New Crafted Gear
    • Bel Levels Tons of Alts
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses
    • The Persona Comparison
    • Casual “No-Perma-Death” mode
  • Destiny 2
    • Solstice of Heroes
      • European Aerial Zone
    • Menagerie
    • Gambit Prime
  • Warframe
    • Devs Gone Nuts
    • Super Soaker Brawl
    • Limited Time Content in General
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