Tonight we have a show made up in part of some roll over topics.  The first of these is World Next Door an action puzzler which leads to general discussion about action puzzle games and the challenges with them.  From there we talk about Wizards Unite and some of the problems with it. Continuing on we take brief stops at Vermintide and Mario Maker 2 on our way to some Shadowbringers discussion.  We make an attempt to do some spoiler free commentary about the Final Fantasy XIV expansion so far.


Topics Discussed:

  • World Next Door
  • Action Puzzle Games in General
  • Ludonarrative Dissonance of Puzzle Games
  • Wizards Unite
    • Magic the Pokemon-Go-Ing?
    • Issues with Gameplay
    • Harry Potter Narrative Feels Forced
  • Vermintide
    • Fantasy Left 4 Dead
    • Playing with Friends
    • Interesting Character Interactions
  • Mario Maker 2
    • Consuming Puzzle Levels
    • Changes Since Version 1
  • Shadowbringers - Spoiler Free
    • The Light is Not Our Friend
    • Class Mechanic Changes
    • FFXIV does Outland
    • Dancer
    • Gunblade
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